Make Each Art, A Masterpiece, With The Revolutionary myFirst Sketch Book

Introduce our new family member, the myFirst Sketch Book that is made especially for kids. It’s a revolutionary 10” LCD drawing pad for aspiring young budding artists to draw, and save their masterpiece on this paperless device!

myFirst Sketch Book - Portable Electronic Drawing Book with Instant Digitisation

Instant Digitization

With the instant digitization feature that we have on the device, parents can check out their kid’s drawings at their own leisure. Parents can retrieve their kid’s artwork as a digital copy from the Sketch Book and save it directly into their smartphones or tablets with the help of the dedicated app which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Parents could proudly share their kid’s masterpieces with the world, all at the tip of their own fingers.

myFirst Sketch Book App

Pair with Sketch Book App

The myFirst Sketch Book is unique in a way of how it is capable of simultaneous drawing. By pairing with the Sketch Book App, the real-time drawing mode allows parents to view their kid’s drawing on the smartphone or tablet at the very same moment when their kid’s draw or write on the Sketch Book. Whenever parents are free, they can just lay back and see through their kid’s drawing anytime, anywhere.

Playback Mode

Adding on, one of the Sketch Book’s appealing features is the video playback mode, which allows parents to see the journey of their kid’s art. Watch their drawings come to life! Each drawing tells a different story, and it can be difficult to decipher a kid’s drawing. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to connect with their kids and share about each masterpiece.

myFirst Sketch Book - Portable Electronic Drawing Book with Instant Digitisation

“My girl would draw beautiful pictures for me,  it’s her way of expressing herself, and there are just too many pictures. I would love to keep each and every one. I’m sure all parents feel the same way. We created myFirst Sketch Book to ensure that no piece of art gets lost in transmission.  Our purpose is for us parents to be able to capture every moment possible. You have cameras  for  photos  and  videos,  now  you  can  get  the Sketch Book for their artwork.”

G-Jay Yong, Founder of myFirst

myFirst Sketch Book - Portable Electronic Drawing Book with Instant Digitisation

Light-weight & Long Battery Life

Weighing a tiny 335g makes portability a breeze and with only a minimum of 2-hour charge time, it can be used for up to 50 hours. Accompanied by an enchanting blue cover, a stylus pen is also included for kids to start drawing seamlessly as it can also hold up to more than 1000 drawings!

With these specifications, it is no surprise that this Sketch Book will be the best of all paper replacement products. Go Green with Paperless Drawing!

myFirst Sketch Book Launching Promotion

We are happy to announce that we will be offering a special 20% discount on our newest release.

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