myFirst Voice 2

myFirst Voice 2

Portable Interactive Microphone & Wireless Speaker

myFirst Voice 2 offers three modes – BT, Memory Card, and AUX, catering to all your audio needs. Discover 5 fun and unique voice-changing filter effects – create unlimited sounds and voices to storytelling or sing karaoke!

Light Meets Bright

This all-in-one wireless marvel combines a powerful speaker and a dynamic microphone to transform any gathering into a delightful karaoke session. Seamlessly connect to your phone or computer for a wireless speaker experience, while your little stars take center stage with the microphone.

What’s So Special
About myFirst Voice 2

5 Dynamic Voice Modes at the Touch of a Button

Experience ultimate, endless entertainment with the five dynamic voice synthesizing modes. Change your voice from cute to monstrous easily and instantly with a press of a button utilizing our AI Voice Changing Technology that is perfect for making memories!

5 Voice Modes Available:
Normal, Elderly, Childlike, Cute, Deep.

Voice Changing Fun for the Whole Family

Whether rocking out to your favorite tunes or creating imaginative bedtime stories, parents and kids can mimic a character’s voice, adding a touch of magic and unpredictability to every moment. myFirst Voice 2 is your all-in-one ticket to endless fun and creativity!

Product Features

Ultra Clear Sound Quality

The separation of the microphone and speaker offers exceptional sound quality, ensuring a clear and immersive audio experience.

Fun Voice Effects

Enjoy a variety of entertaining voice-changing filter effects, enabling them to transform their voices into various characters and create an engaging and fun experience for storytelling and entertainment.

Compact and Portable

Designed to be compact and lightweight, making it ideal for both kids and adults, and easy to carry for on-the-go entertainment.

Wireless Music Playback

Music lovers can enjoy their favorite tunes wirelessly, with the convenience and flexibility of listening to them anywhere they go.

A Closer Look

Echo Enhancer

This feature enhances the audio by providing an echo effect, adding depth and richness to the sound.

Immersive Audio

Special vibration bass technology creates a deeper and richer sound, immersing users in a captivating audio experience. The Voice 2 supports music playback via a micro SD card, giving users freedom and versatility in their entertainment options.

Voice & Reverb Control

The tools you need to create your perfect sound. The microphone now comes with voice control and reverb control, allowing you to fine-tune your sound. It’s all about making each performance, each story, unique and perfect.

Tech specs

Speaker model


Speaker output

Transmission frequency

Battery capacity
1200 mAh

Maximum volume working time
110 minutes

USB-C charging
1A (DC 5V)

Connection distance
10 meters

BT Connectivity
BT 5.0

Audio Jack
3.5mm AUX