How to Choose The Best Technology Toys for Kids

Today’s children adapt much faster to technological changes than previous generations. There is no way to blame them; technology is attractive and provides a lot of entertainment, and there are many perfect devices for the little ones.

Choosing the best technology gifts for kids according to their ages

It is impossible to keep technological advances away from children, so we must find the devices that stimulate them correctly according to their ages. How can you get that in a toy store? The fundamental thing is to know the needs of your children.

Children from 3 to 5 years old are beginning to interact with the outside world, so devices that promote interaction and safety are perfect. In this case, the mini-instant cameras are easy to use and save the memories of their new adventures; also, the Smartwatches for kids are fun and practical to track your child safely.

Meanwhile, school-age children need to strengthen their learning interactively. Home-based learning technology gadgets are ideal for achieving this goal; drawing Pads and tablets for children are perfect because they already have parental controls installed.

At myFirst, we see ourselves as a new generation toy store that offers innovative devices that attract the little ones to modern advances, boost the learning process, and improve their interaction with the world.

What else should you consider before buying a technology toy?

In 2020, the American Academy of Pediatrics of the United States determined children under two years old need to stay away from screens. However, they can be close to other technological devices, such as programmable interactive toys.

The AAP specialists also determined the recommended time for electronic devices for children from 2 to 5 years old is 2 hours per day. Meanwhile, kids from 6 to 17 years old can spend more than 2 hours on electronic devices, including the time they use to learn.

In summary, technology toys are not bad for children, but you must find the best devices for the child’s age (as we already mentioned) and regulate the hours of exposure.


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Why should you choose a technological gift for your child?

If you teach your child to use tech advances in their favor, they will obtain several benefits. Let’s look at some of these:

  • Build technology awareness and education. – The more kids are exposed to age-appropriate devices, the more knowledgeable they become about technological advances.
  • Technology toys can be a lot of fun for children. – With smart devices, a child has a whole world to discover and not get bored. With a simple device, you can save yourself hours searching in the toy store for the perfect gift.
  • Enhanced communication skills. – Many technology toys encourage children to communicate with others, whether through talking, writing, or using symbols. This can help to improve their communication skills.
  • Exposure to new ideas. –Technology toys can introduce children to new concepts and ideas, helping to broaden their horizons.
  • Let their creativity go far. – Children’s tablets and mini cameras, for example, are tools that can stimulate a child’s imagination thanks to the hundreds of possibilities they offer.

So, your child can take great advantage of this type of device, increase their skills and have fun in the process.

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