Painting Ideas for Kids that Go Beyond the Brush

Painting is more than just using a brush. Let's go beyond the brush! Here are several options to unleash your child's creativity.

Your child’s creativity and imagination is a crucial part to unleash the best out of them. At a very young age, your child’s overall growth and development is very important. One of them is painting. Painting can be so much fun and entertaining outlet expression for children and integrating art into their daily routine. Most of the time, people will think using classic methods like paintbrush is the only way of painting. However, there are countless innovative ways to use paint that can elevate their artwork. It’s time to get more creative and let’s get started!

15 Unique Painting Techniques for Kids to Explore

1. Experimenting with Textures: Salt Painting

You may wonder what salt can do to create a masterpiece. Salt painting is an art technique to create texture and dimension by sprinkle salt mixed with watercolor. To get a unique effect, you may use different types of salt and make it fun to experiment with textures.

2. Trending Technique: Paint Pouring

Using paint pouring is a trendy technique these days. Several colors need to be poured on the surface to create an abstract design. After every color has been poured, tilt the surface to create a unique design.

3. Mixing Materials: Black Glue and Watercolors

Kids can create stunning contrast art by combining black craft glue and watercolors. You will be surprised with the result!

4. Beating the Heat with Ice Paint

Beat the heat with ice painting this summer! Freeze paint in ice cubes and let the kids have fun outdoors.

5. Pointillism with a Twist: Dot Painting

Find out how pointillism is done with a twist. You can put dots of paint on the canvas using cotton swabs.

6. High-Speed Fun: Spin Art with a Power Drill

Painting with spin art is one of the coolest ideas for kids. Take a piece of paper and stick it to a drill bit. Let it spin!

7. Fluffy Fun: Puffy Paint Here

With only three ingredients, you can mix them together to create puffy paint. The kids will love it as it dries to a light, foamy texture.

8. Exploring Symmetry

Introduces your child with the concept of symmetry through a fun artistic design to explore. You will be surprise to see their creation through art. 

9. Stained Glass Effect with Wax Paper

Use wax paper to get a different appearance of paint. This technique will create a stained glass effect window but we are using wax paper. Once you get the result, it will blow your mind away!

10. Art of Symmetry

Your child may create the art with infinitely intriguing even though the concept of symmetry sounds basic. You will never know what is playing in your child’s mind once they are imagining things creatively.

11. Bath Time Fun with Bath Paints

Have some fun with these bath paints. You may let your child use them in the class for another fun lesson on handwashing with these bath paints to let the other have a fun experience.

12. Wrapped in Art: Yarn-Wrapped Birch Trees

Wrapped in Art: Yarn-Wrapped Birch Trees is a craft project where you wrap yarn around tiny birch tree branches to make vibrant and aesthetically pleasing works of art. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Get birch branches, yarn, and glue.
  • Choose yarn colors and cut into 2-3 ft lengths.
  • Wrap yarn around the branch with glue, cut and secure the end.
  • Repeat with different colors and patterns.
  • Display finished art piece.

13. Pom Pom Painting

No paint brushes? Say no more! To make Pom Pom Paint, all you need is pom poms, paper or canvas and a surface to start the magic. Choose colors of paint and place in separate containers. Use pom poms as your tool to create patterns on the paper or canvas. For final touch, let the paint dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

14. Outdoor Fun with Sidewalk Chalk Paint

To create a fun sidewalk chalk paint, you need to collect paint, brushes, and water. Mix the paint, paint the exterior of the surfaces with brushes and let your child’s creativity speak for itself.

15. Fun with Yarn Painting

Yarn painting is a trend painting idea for children and adults which creates hip, fun results. To make yarn painting:

  • Get yarn, cardboard/canvas, scissors, pencil, and glue/tape.
  • Sketch design on cardboard/canvas.
  • Cut yarn into lengths, choose colors.
  • Wrap yarn around the sketch, creating patterns and textures.
  • Secure yarn ends with glue/tape and add final touches.
The benefits of painting for children are:
  1. Enhances Creativity: Children may express their imagination and creativity through painting in a fun and interesting way.
  2. Improves Fine Motor Skills: Children improve their dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor abilities by holding a brush and painting on canvas.
  3. Boosts Self-Esteem: It allows your kid to feel proud of their artwork while painting, which increases their confidence and self-esteem.
  4. Helps with Emotional Regulation: Children who paint are capable of controlling their emotions, handle stress, and let off steam.
  5. Encourages Problem Solving: Children are challenged to use critical thinking and come up with solutions while working on a painting assignment to achieve particular textures or color combinations.
  6. Supports Cognitive Development: A child’s cognitive growth is improved by the usage of a variety of colors, shapes, and designs while painting.
  7. Fosters a Love of Learning: By encouraging children to try new things and challenge themselves in a fun and productive way, painting helps children develop a love of learning.

In conclusion, children may express their imagination and creativity by painting, which is entertaining and interesting. Also, it improves their dexterity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor abilities, and self-confidence. Moreover, painting can assist cognitive growth, encourage problem-solving, and help with mood regulation. Painting is a wonderful activity for kids that promotes a love of learning overall.

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