myFirst 3dPen

Bring Your Drawings to Life.

Easy to Use


Operate Wirelessly

Safe to Touch

Rapid Solidification

Low heat filament with fast solidification. Non-adhesive material filament and easily cleaned off.

Dual Action Push & Pull Technology

One button with multiple function. Click ONCE to start or stop drawing. Click TWICE and pull the excess filaments out. It’s that SIMPLE.

Rechargeable Battery and Wireless Operation

Inbuilt battery with USB charging. Device can be taken apart easily to clean the inside. Does not require connected wire to operate for easy usage.

Create 3D Models

Introducing myFirst 3dPen, perfect for children who loves to draw. They can create 3D models, it is easy to use and made with safe materials.

  • Rechargeable battery and operate wirelessly
  • Rapid solidification for easy use
  • Safe to touch with no hot parts and low heat filament
  • 30s fast preheating
  • Dual action push & pull technology
  • Backward suction to straighten and tighten filament
What’s in the Box
  • myFirst 3dPen
  • 20ft / 6m Filament Plastic
  • Design Templates
  • Charging cable