Let's Meet mino!

This is the story of mino, the cute dinosaur that became myFirst’s mascot! Follow mino’s journey from his birth, adventure into the world and finally when he met his new families!

Chapter 1: mino Is Born!

In the depths of a hidden valley, within a dimly lit cave, an unattended egg lay nestled among the rocks.

Suddenly, the egg began to tremble and crack, revealing two innocent eyes peering out into the world. 

With a determined push, mino, who already demonstrates a resilient yet gentle nature, cracked the shell of his egg, breaking through into the light, his small form bathed in the soft glow of sunlight filtering through the cave entrance.

Chapter 2: mino Leaves His Home

Venturing out of his cozy cave, mino was met with a sight that made his heart sink. The world outside was gray and polluted. His ancestors, aggressive and carnivorous, had destroyed the land, leaving it barren and lifeless.

He knew he did not belong there as he was vegetarian. As mino walked through the devastated terrain, he injured himself on the jagged remains.  

With a heavy heart, he bandaged his wounds as a reminder of the damage to his home and the importance of caring for the environment.  

Despite the bleakness around him, mino’s hopeful and positive spirit remained unshaken. Being courageous and hopeful, mino set off into the unknown, leaving behind his home, searching for a place where he could belong and make a difference. His gentle and quirky nature guided him as he ventured forward, ready to embrace whatever lay ahead.

Chapter 3: mino Enters the New World

After a long walk, mino saw a light and smelled freshness in the air. As he ventured further, he discovered a lush, green forest. The vibrant patch of grass atop his head flourished, symbolizing his deep connection to nature. 

mino’s heavy footsteps caused no harm; instead, they helped aerate the soil, aiding the forest’s growth.  

His quirky and gentle nature endeared him to the woodland creatures, and mino began to feel a sense of hope and belonging; not only is mino a giver to nature, but also a teacher and guardian to the forest.

Chapter 4: mino Finds His New Family

In the heart of the verdant forest, mino encountered a family, delighting in a picnic amid nature’s embrace. Drawn to their warmth and kindness, mino hesitated momentarily before courageously approaching them. 

Welcoming him with open arms, the gentle family radiated love and acceptance, inviting mino to share in their joyous company. With their gentle guidance, mino embarked on a journey of discovery, learning to navigate the wonders of his new world with safety and delight. 
mino story ends as they explored together, the gentle vegetarian dinosaur, now also a teacher, guardian and giver to the nature, stands as a beacon of courage, resilience and hope. 
 The end.
…or is it?