POSB Smart Buddy Tag for myFirst Fone

We have partnered with POSB and designed a protective tag specifically for the Smart Buddy Payment Card. This makes it easy to attach the Smart Buddy to the myFirst Fone S2/R1/R1s strap.

The Smart Buddy Card is protected by a lightweight plastic case with a soft silicone cover. The device can be worn without pinching your hand.

The buddy tag has a built-in sensitive antenna that allows the hand wearing the Smart Buddy to pay without touching the payment device.

* Only applicable to Singapore users

How it Works

Install POSB Smart Buddy Card into the tag. You can tapping-and-paying with Smart Buddy Tag with myFirst Fone in POSB Smart Buddy enabled schools (including selected school canteens, bookshops and general offices), and at any NETS retailers out-of-school.

Beta User Programme

We are looking for 200 users (children) to carry out a trial by tapping-and-paying with POSB Smart Buddy Tag with myFirst Fone. Before trial ends, a survey form will be send to your email for feedback collection.

Trial period: 21st March to 31st Apr

How to get the tag

Existing myFirst Fone Users

If you are a myFirst Fone user, or a Stay Connected subscriber, please visit our store to purchase the Smart Buddy Tag.

New Subscribers

Subscribe to our Stay Connected program for POSB users now, you will automatically receive the Smart Buddy Tag for FREE.

myFirst Fone R1 with phone plans singapore

Singapore No.1
Kids Mobile Watchphone Plan

Premium Hassle-Free Experience

Introducing the STAY CONNECTED by myFirst that features: Unlimited GPS tracking, Messaging, Voice, and Video Call Services based on a flat monthly fee. There is more! It comes with a kid’s smartwatch that pre-install with SIM card powered by M1/StarHub. Enjoy our hassle-free subscription service at NO HIDDEN COST.

Why choose

myFirst Stay Connected?

myFirst is No.1 seller in Singapore from GFK report for watchphone category in Year 2020

We provide phone specially made for kid, accepted by most of the school in Singapore

SIM card included - unlimited call & data, no more worries on insufficient call & data

Local technical support team for better after sales experience

Top notch backend engineer team to constant update on firmware and mobile app

Data security – all data is safely stored locally

Provide assistance in loss of device

Our Plans

One Year Rental Subscription

Unlimited Data & Calls

Unlimited voice messages, voice calls, video calls as well as GPS tracking service.

Lease to Own

One piece of kid’s smartwatch will be provided. After one year of rental subscription, the device provided will belong to the subscriber.

Stay Connected 24/7

When the product is sent for servicing, a spare unit will be provided for you to stay connected with your loved one.

myFirst Membership Privilege

Get special code upon subscription and enjoy all year round 20% discount for any product purchased at myFirst online store. Use code: STAY CONNECTED .

with myFirst Fone R1s


Per month

with myFirst Fone R1


Per month

myFirst Fone R1 - 4G 4g smart watch with GPS tracker, video call and voice call


It is an offer for parents who would like to purchase with our all-in-one monthly rental service which comes with FREE myFirst Fone S2 or myFirst Fone R1. This rental service comes with the premium after sales such as free battery replacement or temporary loan devices if the device breakdowns in order to achieve our goal in keeping the parents and kids stay connected 24/7.
This subscription service is available in Singapore ONLY.
All Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, Passholders and Work Permit holder with SingPass account and with an authorised credit card/debit card holder are eligible to subscribe. A local address is also required for us to send the device.
Our telco provider for this subscription service is StarHub and M1.

No, you cannot change your plan to myFirst subscription. We will be providing a new number and SIM card in order to use the myFirst Fone.

You can subscribe for as many as you need. You just have to register for one service at a time in the subscription form.
Your SingPass account and valid credit card number.
You can subscribe from the comfort of your home via https://myfirst.tech/stay-connected. Follow the 7 simple steps above to complete the subscription.

You may subscribe the service as long as you want, but minimum contract of the subscription is 12 months.

For S-Plan, the first 1000 subscribers are entitled to get a special promo at S$20/month (Usual: S$25). Kindly use the special promo code shared on our website. You just need to apply the code once and you are able to enjoy $5 off in monthly billing. The special discount of $5 monthly is for your billing up to 12 months ONLY.
Yes, you have to pay an advance deposit of S$50 for S-Plan and S$60 for R-Plan.

The commencement date will be the day you receive the kid’s smartwatch device and continue for 12 months.

* We will adjust your billing cycle on the 2nd month once we confirmed you have received the device. Kindly login to customer portal to check your next bill date.

You may log in into customer portal at https://myfirst.tech/customer-portal/ to check the next bill date and amount for your billing. The payment system will debit your credit/debit card automatically every month.

You will receive one piece of myfirst Fone S2 or myFirst Fone R1 and a SIM card with random number.

You will receive the device in 3 to 5 working days. You may opt for a walk-in collection too. Drop us a message at myFirst WhatsApp Business +65 94590563 or email us at [email protected] and we will arrange an appointment for the walk-in collection. 

No, you are not able to choose the mobile number.

No, we don’t provide roaming service & overseas call in this subscription.

No, the SIM card is only allowed for use on the myFirst Fone S2 or myFirst Fone R1 that is provided by myFirst.

Yes, you may cancel the subscription. However, by agreeing to take up this subscription service, you will be contracted for 12 months and there will be an early termination cost involved which is 10 months of the subscription fees. You are required to return the kid’s smartwatch device and SIM card.

Yes, the myFirst Stay Connected subscription plan auto renew after 12 months unless you request to terminate the agreement after 12 months of commitment.

You only need to return us the SIM card. You can own the kid’s smartwatch as you have paid for the 12 months subscription contract.

During the 12 months of rental subscription period, myFirst will cover the warranty including battery performance, LCD performance, GPS signal performance but not inclusive of human error like water damage, screen crack due to negligence, screen protector crack, wear and tear of the strap or physical damage on the case or scratches on the screen. Additional charges will be applied if the repaired parts are out of warranty.

Yes. You will get a temporary loan unit if the device breakdowns during the subscription period to keep you stay connected 24/7 with your kids.

Please email us at [email protected] or contact us via myFirst WhatsApp Business +65 94590563.