myFirst Fone R1s – A Fun and Latest Watch A Kid Should Own

We understand how you wish you could just give your kids the same smartwatch you have if only to keep track of their activities and location. Well, our newest and greatest smartwatch for kids, the myFirst Fone R1s, is now hot selling, and we’re happy to share with you its latest and most iconic features. These smartwatches are easier on the wrist while also ensuring that you get all the necessary features needed for your kids to enjoy and to give you peace of mind.

myFirst Fone R1s

Customizable Watch Face with Additional Fun Animated Wallpaper

Customize the watch’s wallpaper by using images of your kid’s selfies that are taken directly from the watch itself. Aside from that, we have several pre-installed animated wallpapers in the watch that you may choose from and place on the watch too.

myFirst Fone R1s Strap

Change Your Strap. Change Your Mood

The interchangeable strap comes in 8 different colours, mix and match to fit your style and preference at any time and anywhere. Grab all your favourite strap colours right here.

myFirst Fone R1s with heart rate monitoring

Heart Rate Monitoring with High Heart Rate Alert

The new myFirst Fone R1s have a new feature called heart rate monitoring. Parents can set a high heart rate alarm in the app remotely, and once the watch identified the kid is running fast, the app will auto-detect the heart rate and alert the kid to slow down if the heart rate exceeds the beats per minute specified by the parents.

Personalised Reminder Just for Your Young Ones

There is a new way to set up the reminder or alarm ringtone on the watch. This can train the kids to be more independent as they set their own alarm or reminder and they can add their own customised recorded voice message as the alarm or reminder. This feature will be particularly appealing to parents, as they will be able to record their voice and use it as an alarm or reminder on the kid’s smartwatch.

myFirst Fone R1s Preset text chat

Multiple Preset Text to Choose for Chat

Parents, we’ve heard you! Parents have always wanted their kids to send them texts, and now we’ve included that new feature directly into the kid’s smartwatch. From the smartwatch, kids can scroll and select from a choice of useful preset text that they enjoy. Kids can now have a speedy reply without using the voice message. Leave a quick text to your friends and family with our new features.


myFirst Fone R1s is Perfect Match With myFirst Wireless Headphones

The watch can auto-connect with all myFirst Bone Conduction Wireless headphones that we have right in our store (both myFirst Headphones BC Wireless & myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite). With larger storage to store up to 1500 songs, kids can enjoy the music and audiobook together with opened ear wireless headset. Kids can stay safe and comfy while using our bone conduction wireless headphones.

With the latest features that we have in our kid’s smartwatch, myFirst Fone R1s will be a perfect companion for your kids out there as it allows parents to keep in touch and monitor your kid’s activities without being too invasive. Grab our watch right in our store now!

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