Top 6 Items for Your Christmas Shopping

Hello everyone! It’s that festive time of the year! The kids are on school holiday and we’re right in the middle of the month, so I expect you guys to have your shopping list ready to go! Guess what, though? We at myFirst and Oaxis want to enlighten you with 6 must-get items for the perfect gift this year. You won’t want to miss out on these items as it is fun and versatile for anyone you wish to gift! Without further ado, let’s jump in!

myFirst Camera 3 - Best camera for kids

myFirst Camera 3

This powerhouse of a Camera sports a selfie lens, a macro mode, and a 2′ bright IPS screen. The selfie lens is located above the screen. With a push of the lens selector button, take selfies with ease! We’re also throwing in a shockproof pouch. The pouch is made of high tensile strength polymers which resist drops, knocks, and bumps. With a 1000mAh battery and supporting up to 32GB microSD card, you can be sure you and your child take plenty of photos and videos, anytime, anywhere! Sweet! I highly recommend this camera for your pre-schoolers and early schoolers as they will fully enjoy taking photos and selfies of themselves, with friends and family!

myFirst Sketch Pro - Drawing pad for kids

myFirst Sketch Pro

Now, this is a whizz-banger of a product for your friend’s kids! myFirst Sketch Pro is designed to give your child a creative, imaginative, and fun learning process! It’s also suitable for adults. Take notes, diagrams, or even just a simple doodle, sketch pro can handle all! In addition to our one clear all button, our built-in Sketch Pro Pen comes with an eraser on the end of it and a partial erase button on the pad. Now your kids can make adjustments to their drawings without having to erase the whole picture. You can also edit your notes and make changes to your shopping list. That’s one for the mums! The Sketch Pro also comes with a free anti-friction leather case and 2 replacement stylus. It’s a must-buy as a Christmas gift!

myFirst Fone S2 - Wearable Tracker Smartphone for kids with 3G Voice & Video Calls and GPS tracking

myFirst Fone S2

Offering the best in child security, myFirst Fone S2 is a secure vault of fun for kids and a worry-free alternative to keeping track of your child. myFirst Fone is fully compatible with 3G SIM data for real-time video and voice calls. Receive and make calls between myFirst Fone and an Android or iOS smartphone. Connect with your kids anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, S2 uses tri-factoring GPS technology to accurately pinpoint your child’s location! Using the app, you can now keep an eye on your child’s location, set up alerts as well as check on them with care calls. Care calls can be activated without any notifications on the S2. Send distress signals through an integrated SOS button. Once activated, parents will receive an emergency location notification and 30 seconds live recording of the surrounding sounds. It is a reliable way to make sure your kids are safe at all times. I personally feel that this is the deal for your child to have fun and you to have peace of mind.

Now, these next 3 items are from Oaxis. If your spouse or friends are fitness junkies, these items will be the PERFECT gift for them this Christmas. Check em out!

Tenvis HR - Fitness trackers

Tenvis HR

Tenvis HR uses an integrated wrist detection sensor system that continuously monitors heart rate. Tenvis also sports an HD OLED color screen for better display. It is the perfect companion for smart and healthy living. Choose to allow notifications from a selection of social media apps, receiving calls and SMSes. Stay in and connected while staying out and active. With smart assistance, Tenvis HR boosts functionality, convenience, and quality to the next level. Also includes a Calorie monitor, Pedometer step tracker, Fitness and fatigue level reports, and much more. Tenvis HR also has a long-lasting battery life to keep you connected for longer while you are on the go. Built-in algorithms to save power when not in use. Staying active and accessible longer with minimal effort. It’s perfect for all you fitness freaks!

InkCase for iPhone


This baddie of an iPhone case is what you Apple users should have! Personalise your phone with InkCase. All you have to do is select the photo that you want, and it stays on the screen on the back of the case. Keep a photo of your loved ones, your favourite band, or your pet. Using E-ink, the same pigments used in the printing industry coupled with a micro-capsule charge can maintain the image without using power! Once an image is set, it consumes no battery for as long as it is displayed. The minimal battery is consumed only when the screen is refreshed. Choose your favorite photo and have it displayed for months. InkCase for iPhone delivers beautiful crystal sharp text (480×800) resolution for a clear reading experience. That’s some awesome technology right there!



Timepiece is a luxury Swiss-movement analog watch with a smart fitness tracker. It comes with a heart rate monitor and other smartwatch functions. It is engineered to fit every situation – from formal suits to rugged outdoors. Every Timepiece comes with an additional silicone strap. The straps are designed with a quick-release valve so you can swap them out between exercises. The timepiece will be synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth using our ultra-low energy module. The Timepiece can display texts, calls, alarms, and reminder notifications on its 0.42″ OLED screen. This product is for all you fitness gents out there. Get this as a present for the males or even the females! Look and feel classy with Timepiece!

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